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Fetal Surgery
for Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele)

Fetal Care Center Dallas Offers Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida

Receiving a diagnosis of spina bifida (myelomeningocele) for your unborn child can be alarming. Fetal Care Center Dallas is one of only a handful of physician groups in the United States that can treat spina bifida while your baby is still in the womb.

Because spinal cord damage is progressive with spina bifida, treating it in utero can prevent further damage.

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Why Choose Fetal Care Center Dallas for Prenatal Spina Bifida Surgery?

  • Experience. Fetal Care Center Dallas has cared for more than 36,000 high-risk pregnancies since its founding. Our fetal surgeon, Dr. Timothy Crombleholme, has treated more than 49 spina bifida cases.
  • High survival rates. For spina bifida, Dr. Crombleholme has achieved a 95.4% intact hysterotomy site rate with zero fetal deaths and zero maternal deaths.
  • Advanced diagnostic testing. We perform in-depth fetal diagnostic testing to see how your baby’s spinal column is developing and determine the best treatment options for repair in utero or soon after birth.
  • Fetal surgery and other fetal interventions. We offer pioneering fetal surgical techniques to intervene in even the most serious spina bifida cases.
  • Comprehensive care. Our team includes fetal surgeons, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, genetic counselors and other specialists who will walk with you every step of the way during your pregnancy and your child’s life. We also work in close connection with your OB/GYN.
  • Connection to the Medical City Children's Hospital. We are integrally connected with the hospital resources at the Fetal Care Center at Medical City Children’s Hospital and Medical City Women’s Hospital, should you need to deliver in Dallas.

Fetal Care Center Dallas Overview

Learn more about the Fetal Care Center Dallas doctors and how we provide you and your unborn baby with the most comprehensive, sophisticated and effective therapies for spina bifida available worldwide.

Get to Know Dr. Timothy Crombleholme

Dr. Crombleholme talks about what inspired him to become a fetal surgeon and what’s unique about Fetal Care Center Dallas.

Spina Bifida Surgery Outcomes

Here is a summary of Dr. Crombleholme’s 49 most recent cases of myelomeningocele surgery:

Maternal Outcomes
Maternal deaths: 0
DVT/PE requiring anticoagulation: 1
Preterm labor with cervical changes: 5
O2 requirement due to pulmonary edema: 2
Average GA at delivery (weeks): 34
Healed hysterotomy site: 100%
Partial uterine dehiscence: 0%
Full uterine dehiscence: 0%

Neonatal Outcomes
Fetal deaths: 0
Neonatal deaths: 3
Delivered at 25 weeks; parents refused resuscitation: 1
Delivered at 24 weeks; could not resuscitate: 1
Delivered at 25 weeks; Died of sepsis from pneumonia at 8 weeks of age: 1

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